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Florence Group has been created as a logical step of consolidation of six legal entities in areas of physical therapy, home medical care, ambulance transportation, medical supervision, paratransit and medical assistance which were made after many successful years of work of Matas family. Today, the Group has over 80 full-time employees and a number of regular associates. Our business spaces extend over 1700 square meters and are equipped with modern devices which are needed for providing flawless medical services, for which we have ISO 9001 certificates of excellence. We are stable and long-term partner of Croatian Health Insurance Fund and together we build public relation regarding complete medical care provision. We are teaching base of the University Department for Health Studies of the University of Split, Aspira University College and Health College Medical.

Florence group consists of following legal subjects:

  • Ustanova za zdravstvenu njegu Florence
  • Ustanova za zdravstvenu njegu Priska Med
  • Florence Prijevoz d.o.o.
  • Ustanova za zdravstvenu skrb Ružica
  • Florence Turizam d.o.o.
  • Epiona d.o.o.


By enjoying perennial trust of the community, with tradition, quality and knowledge of our employees, we improve care in every sense.


Our vision is to become the best integrated health services provides in the Croatia. For us, that means providing optimal services and products to every partner in the frame of whole public-private health sector. To achieve our long-term goal, we manage our company sustainable and thoughtfully. Together with our employees, we shape the future.


We are dedicated to the sustainability of the Group and long-term value increasement. We are focused on sustainable growth which we achieve by constant adapting to the needs of our clients and further development, to make sure our clients are satisfied. Our employees are the foundation of our success. By constatnly educating in individually selected areas, we contribute to the progress of an employee, and, through it, guarantee a successful development of the whole Group. That makes fulfilment of our tasks possible, both now and in the future.


We adapt our activities to the needs of our clients, because their success and satisfaction contribute to our success. Excellency of our service is the main aspect of our success. On one hand, that means that in everyday work, we strive for the best level of quality, while, on the other hand, we are aware of the expenses. We take our ecological and social responsibilities very seriously.


We think together globally and act locally! We make progress by applying concepts which have proven to be successful in many countries. We build our concept of best praxis exchange continuosly and encourage thinking beyond the borders of a sector, yet keeping a tight connection with the market. That enables flexible and quick reaction on specific requests of the local market. On a long term, we aspire to increase life quality of both our employees and users while working by principles of sustainable growth.


In our work, we always follow values which are common for the whole Group. They are the basis for everyday fulfilment of our mission. Our valuable employees are the foundation of our success.

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