Project Description

Paratransit is a public service that we provide to students, working population and pensioners of the city of Split, who are a part of population with movement difficulties, and also to wider population since the spring of 2011. The purpose is to make "door to door" movement available for people with movement difficulties, and, by it, to stimulate inclusion in everyday activities as easy as possible. We think that people with movement disabilities need to have a possibility to equally participate in cultural, sport, recreational and all other activities that they like and try to make that possible with our everyday work.
All of our personnel is educated in working with people with movement disabilities and our vehicles are adapted for the transport, including a lift for embarkment.

To raise the user experience on an even higher level, we are currently developing and Android application for both our users and employees, which can be downloaded on the link. Our aspiration is to implement our experience from city of Split on a wider area.
Our service of paratransit is certified with ISO 9001:2008 certificate of excellence, continuously from 2014.




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